One year on – a photographic diary of the Covid-19 Lockdown in Solihull

It’s a few days after the first anniversary of the lockdown here in the UK so it’s naturally a time to reflect on this landmark date and look back at the last year. In a previous post, I used part of my photographic diary to look at the differences and similarities to mine and Richard’s lives due to the restrictions in place here in England. This post reveals a few more images from my lockdown photography diary and some of the good things that happened during the past year. Little things that would be so easy to forget if we didn’t have these photos to remind us…

We really missed camping (we did manage to get away to the Lake District when the rules allowed) so we made camping porridge in the garden with our fast boiler. It’s delicious and the recipe is here on our Youtube channel.
Whilst we have our breakfast in the garden they have theirs. Forming an orderly queue this morning, normally there is a squable.
A Blue Tit checks out it’s new temporary home, attached to our home.
Babies, a busy parent catching caterpillars for the young which are singing loudly from the birdbox.
The seed sill.
It was hard to obtain seeds this year, mum to the rescue.
Betty liked to get involved in the gardening. He ‘helped’ by trampling over the compost bags and throwing up my seedlings in the air with his huge nashers.
I’m innocent. Can’t prove nothing. I did not get in the greenhouse and upturn the pots.
This Robin followed Betty around the garden for days. I think he was hoping that Betty liked to dig, but Betty does not enjoy exerting himself or manual labour.
Without any races to train for, there was a lot more time to look after the plot this year. So lovley to see the uptake on plots this year.
We enjoyed a good harvest this year from the plot and the garden.
The Blue Tit parents looked more harassed and scraggly as time went on, but they successfully raised a few babies. It was very special to see so many baby birds feeding on the sunflower feeder. Learning how to access the food.
This one looks a little bit scraggly. That’s it little dude, eat up.
And lockdown birthdays, out in the garden in all weathers to do distanced celebrating. Luckily we are hardy souls.
And my birthday too, in April when the lockdown was very resrictive and Amazon delivered all my gifts.
Bike rides were safer and trendy.
And the boy. My wonderful Richard making me laugh, keeping me sane.
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