Coast to Coast in a day – one second everyday training

I finally did it. Not the coast to coast cycle – I mean, yes I did do it, but that was ages ago. No I mean I finally made my one second everyday (1SE) video documenting the training (and a few other bits of life) in the run-up to the Open Adventures C2C cycle ride in a day.

I’ve been doing 1SE for few years and I love watching them back with my family, they reflect little snippets of life in an accessible and way. Showing the changes that go unnoticed day to day, which amount to a lot over a year. That’s why I decided to use 1SEin a new way this year. I decided to record from the day I bought my first bike on 19th February last year (a Cannondale Synapse Alloy road bike with Sora gears and rim brakes, if you’re a bike geek like I now am) and capture little snippets of learning how to ride and maintain it, then I found out about the Coast to Coast in a day and kept recording to show my progress before completing it this summer – just over a year after learning how to ride on the road for the first time ever.

As kids, we’d had bikes but we weren’t allowed to venture off the grass outside the front of the house, my dad in constant fear that we would get hurt. As an adult getting a bike I could just about steer but it felt completely alien being sat on a road bike with its drop bars and weird shifters.


My very patient husband helped me teaching me from the very basics of how to do arm signals to how to use the shifters and gears. I soon found myself borrowing books from the library about road cycling and trawling the internet for training advice and tech talk, navigating through a whole new language of cycling terms. Going to the local bike shops trying to not look like a total newbie. And soon I was cycling 150 miles in a day across the country.

It’s been a whole big adventure and I’m so glad I captured it. There isn’t a shot for every day (thank goodness, the video would be very very long) but enough to look back on and think ‘hell yeah, I did that’.

Why did I get a bike? I’d never considered cycling before I started working at the local running shop, I was marathon training and running 50-mile weeks but being on my feet all day was making my bunion really sore. A friend at the shop was looking for a bike for a triathlon, and her enthusiasm and research got me thinking…

I am now one of ‘those people’ who have a winter and a summer bike, a turbo, a tool kit, a whole wardrobe full of jerseys, bib shorts and bike accessories. A subscriber to GCN (thank goodness for their training videos and maintenance tips, I love those guys) and a proud member of Solihull Cycling Club.

But you don’t have to become a ‘cycling obsessive’ to enjoy life on two wheels. You could get a motorbike…:)



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