Welcome to a fresh approach to dog photography. I'm on a mission to capture the joy and character of your pet in a shoot they will enjoy as much as you will enjoy treasuring your photos forever.

Squirrel-chasers, pocket-sniffers, sofa-snoozers or fun seeking explorers. Where every walk is a mini adventure and life is full of tail wagging moments. From brave, fun-loving, muddy pawed adventurers to the perfectly groomed show stopping posers, my photographs show dogs doing what they do best, being them.


I grew up with Guide Dog puppies scampering about the house and learnt a lot about dog behaviour during this time. As I grew older I became involved in the dog agility circuit, training my 3 collies and becoming an agility judge. Watching and training different breeds of dogs became a huge part of my life. I bring this knowledge to my dog shoots as well as my years of experience as a photographer.

When I started studying photography at university it was natural to practice my skills on my own pet dogs. I quickly learnt that I didn't want to capture static bored dogs in unnatural or stressful situations. I knew from my knowledge of working with dogs that my photographs should reflect them. The memories I capture are focused on letting dogs... be dogs. Similar to my wedding photography my style is natural; putting dogs in the best light and being observant, patient and capturing the little details as well as the story of them.

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Dog Photography