Lockdown 2020

As you can imagine, we only shot a handful of weddings in 2020 due to Coronavirus and the restrictions surrounding ceremonies in the UK. The weddings we did photograph were wonderful, and we were so happy to be there on your day. As storytellers and photographers, it felt natural to document Lockdown, the progression of restrictions, the changes to our lives and relationships, with ourselves and others. There are so many stories to be told from the different periods of Lockdown. The new hobbies or skills people invested time in, the way we adapted to working from home or still going in to work during a pandemic. Spending more time with spouses or family, or spending more time alone. The way we celebrated big events like birthdays, and sadly funerals too. There was a lot to process, a lot to reflect on, and for us some good memories to document and look back on, as well as the sad.

I think like many people, the first few weeks we spent a lot of our time at home together. I think we’d gotten out of the habit of taking photos of each other before lockdown, apart from a quick phone shot as we topped another mountain. We love photography but we’d kind of forgotten to document each other as well as all the things we capture. I think having a photography project helped keep me sane and there are some memories here that I will treasure forever. One of the few things that came out well out of this was getting to spend more time with Richard. I adored sitting out in the garden watching the birds with him, camping in a tent in the garden because we couldn’t go on holiday. Discovering that night that there are owl’s nearby and the Stratford Road does go quiet, eventually!

Below are a few images from my Lockdown photography project. A memoir of what we got up to, what we were allowed to do, and thinking about the little things that stayed the same, as well as what changed for us due to Coronavirus.

Various restrictions and times throughout the Lockdown(s) of 2020…

lockdown binnoculars
A lot fewer commercial planes flying overhead. I remember it being quite exciting when we spotted the first one in ages. However there were aa lot more helicopters circling and circling…
A lot less editing for Mr S.
Something that stayed the same – Betty had to conduct a large amount of personal grooming each day.
rabbit asleep under tables
Spending a lot more time at home means a lot more time with this little guy. After lots of strokes (just on the head), I was ‘approved for licks’ as Richard would say. I’m not sure I really enjoy the rabbit licking my forehead, but I am now accepted by Betty bunny. Only took 3 years.
rainbow in window colouring
There are a lot more rainbows in the street. As well as a lot more of a community atmosphere
make up for date night
Not much need for this, apart from date night. At home this time though, of course!
Richard continues to be incredibly handsome
I asked Richard to cut my hair. Of course, he does a brilliant job.
rabbot hiding in garden
Somethings didn’t change. Betty contiuned to ‘help’ with the gardening, including picking up my recycled newspaper pots with his teeth, and throwing them across the garden.
magic beans and rabbit
Magic beans.
hearts plant
The same – flowers come back after dissaperaring all winter. Loved getting to enjoy the garden more this year.
rabbit eating blossom
Betty eats ever plant in sight. No change there then.
seed sin Wilko greenhouse
seeds on bin
The same – everything I plant germinates and I end up with too much to plant at the allotment. This year I can’t give the extra plants to my mum.
woman compost
man cutting grass
Sorry Betty – Your efforts at the cutting the grass just weren’t quite good enough
rabbit locked in cage angry
Let me at it!
shirley high street covid lockdown
A very different Shirley High Street.
Time to finally tidy out those bloody drawers. Richard sorts out that horrible drawer of cables which has been in the house longer than I have known him. Whilst I do the ‘I have nothing to wear’ clean out.
cycling jigsaw
The closest I’ve been to a group ride is this jigsaw. i missed cycling and running clubs and races a lot.
covid jars
makin gface mask out of trousers
In desperation with no shops open, I cut my trousers to make shorts. This somehow takes my whole day off.
blue tit with caterpillar
blue tit making nest
The nest is carefully curated. Each year a new Blue Tit family create a new temporary home, attached to our home.
blue tit making home
man doing woodwork in garden
rabbit on garden with owner
Rabbit hiding under stairs
Yes Betty, I think a lot of us felt like hiding somewhere until it was all over – part two of the lockdown photo project is here
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