Stages of puppyhood – the first walk off lead

Often a nervous moment for any dog owner, the first walk-off the lead came on Christmas day for this youngster. The best present he could have gotten right? It was down to the park with multiple in tow to ensure that the pup’s first experience off the lead was a good one. He remembered that we are a lot more interesting than the other dogs and people in the park but the most interesting thing was my gloves.

When we had guide dog puppies, we had them a little earlier and therefore their vaccinations were earlier, and they could be ‘released’ from the leash when then they were a bit less brave than this boy here. But he (and we) did great. And we’ve got the photos to prove it…

And if you need some additional cuteness, head on over to the virtual licks and cuddles blog from his arrival day. 8 weeks of fluff and chubbiness and gorgeous puppy smell.

Ladies walking dog past poo sign and laughing

Oh those eyes! Butter would not melt. Head on over to the dog gallery page if you want to see some more adorable puppy dog eyes.

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