Virtual puppy licks and cuddles

I think one of my favourite things in the world is puppy cuddles. Warm fat bellies, that unique smell that you just want to breathe in, curious big eyes exploring new faces and places. It’s one of the most exciting days for a dog owner. The anticipation of all the adventures you’ll go on, all the love you’ll have for your new member of the family and all the tricks you’re going to teach them. Re-reading those puppy guide books and watching puppy programmes on catch-up.

For this family they’ve been through this stage many times before, each time just as special as the last. For many people this year they’ll be bringing up their first puppy in a long time, or perhaps ever. Embrace this time, treasure it, even if they are little naughty so-and-so’s. It doesn’t last long, which is why it is so lovely to have photos like these to look back on and remember when they were only relativly tiny in comparison to now, when they had to put everything in their mouth to taste it, and you were just starting to think about the dog that they might becom.

Here is pup’s first day meeting the family, and figuring the next chapter of his life out…

pupp in lady's lap
puppy in womans arms
puppy looking at dog toys
puppy black cocker spaniel
cocker spaniel puppy in kitchen
puppy looking out of window
puppy in crate

Follow pup’s journey and see the next big chapter in his life, the first walk off lead or get in touch if you’d like to know more about our gift vouchers and photoshoots.

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